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Initial Casting for The Godmother

Jane (Jeanne) Nardal. (Also Eslanda Robeson, if you like, in Scene 7.) 

Jane Nardal writes to her sister, Paulette, about Karukera Island, the indigenous name for Guadeloupe

This is Jane's original writing, which you may read too or instead, when she published about Karukera Island as "Yadhe." She changed her name briefly after marriage.

Jane speaks with Eslanda Robeson at a party, and then departs, followed by Maurice Satineau.

Augusta Savage. (Also Paulette Nardal, if you like)

This is a studio visit between Augusta Savage and Paulette Nardal in Paris.

Paulette Nardal. (Also Eslanda Robeson, if you like, in scene 33)

This is a conversation Paulette has with her boss at the time, the politician, Lagros. 

This is Paulette, reading the manifesto she and her collaborators wrote for the first issue of La Revue du Monde Noir

This is Paulette telling Eslanda Robeson about her family, trying to see if she can raise some money to save her journal by getting some press.

Josephine Baker. (Also Jane and Paulette Nardal, if you like.)

Josephine comes over to the Clamart Salon to confront Jane Nardal about Jane's criticism of her for exoticization. 

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