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Accessory to Protest 2011

A pamphlet instructing novice protesters in the mechanics of civilian unrest was widely distributed in Egypt prior to the Fall of Prime Minister Hosni Mubarak. It was immediately outdated, as it described the potential friendship between police & the people, and as it described routes in hardcopy that would constitute only one part of the struggle. Photography is a medium through which other mediums might be examined, and in the Accessory to Protest work, Karapetian examined this flyer - especially one page -8- that described eight items of "Necessary Clothing and Accessories" citizens might need. The artist also worked with images from the New York Times such as those of smoke bombs and riot police.

Further images available upon request.

Sculptural negatives
Riot Police
Accessory to Protest 4: Red Hoodie
Accessory to Protest 1: Red Goggles
Accessory to Protest: Red Rose
Accessory to Protest 5: Red Pot Lid
Accessory to Protest: Red Scarf
Accessory to Protest 3: Red Gloves
Accessory to Protest 8: Yellow Sneak
Accessory to Protest: Yellow Sprayca
detail, Flyer Photograph
detail, Flyer Photograph
detail, Flyer Photograph
detail, Flyer Photograph
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