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Slips & Pushes 2013-14

In creating an installation - Rock, Paper, Scissors - for the Orange County Trans-Pacific Triennial in 2013, Karapetian's goal was to photogram ice as an anti-referent for rocks, which she did. (See the above piece in The Built Environment.) En route, however, ice slipped across the surface of her color paper in the darkroom, melting and slithering beyond the rectangular frame. Creative processes need take heed of chance, and new controls need respond. First, then, came the Slips, and then, with further intentionality, the Pushes.

Further images available upon request.

Slip 43
Push 25
Push 4
Slip 6
Slip 1
Slip 7
Slip 41
Slip 32
Slip 26
Slip 28
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