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Muscle Memory 2013

Karapetian worked with veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces to recreate their muscle memory of certain actions they no longer use. The first installation of this work was designed around a gallery's entrance, with the veterans breaching the door to the space. Visitors had to walk through the piece to see the rest of the show, implicating them in an action they may not otherwise consider themselves a part of in their daily lives. The resin casts of their weapons, which they used to get back into position for the photogram, were displayed in a vitrine, begging the question of how we look differently at violent tools when historicized.

Further images available upon request.

Sculptural Negatives
Display Convention
P226 Sig Sauer
H&K 416
Stacking Your Door
Prone Position
Billboard: Prone Position
Combat Gear: Left Field
Combat Gear: Shooting Range
War Trophy
COmbat Gear: Double Exposed
Muscle Memory
Combat Gear: Talking Heads
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