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Collective Memory, 2018-19 One night in November 2018, Karapetian's Los Angeles gallerist, Tarrah von Lintel, and a few of her friends drew floorplans from memory of a lesbian bar called The Oxwood Inn, now closed, which used to host a trans night called Club Shine. Karapetian recreated objects and spaces from these memories, asserting her relationship to them, and then opened the objects up for public intervention. In a final phase of public production, she staged Club Shine at the gallery, photogramming the revelry, and re-installed the show. The project raises questions of allyship, media, and memory, as do all of Karapetian's works. In this case the press release was written as a letter to her dealer, available here

Photograms resulting from interaction at Club Shine

Photographic Memory
Selective Memory
Selective Memory
Selective Memory
Selective Memory
Installation with "Chasers"

"Negatives" and Photograms in media res

Collective Memory, entryway
Not Today, Motherfucker
"Not Today" Takeaways
Collective Memory installation
Collective Memory
Fallen Disco Ball
Installation, Collective Memory
Installation, Collective Memory
We (detail)
We (detail)
We (takeaway)
"Me Quiero" and Dynamics
Bouncer negative
Entry wall

Other photographic elements pertaining to memory from this exhibition

Goodbye To All That
I'll Remember if You Remember
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