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Other Manifestations 2008-2018

Many of Karapetian's projects circumnavigate the terrain of the real and the unreal. Accordingly, at times, she works in real space, taking the photograph or other materials to the three dimensional place of sculpture and viewership. 

Further images available upon request; see related work in Photograms or Sculptural Negatives

The Biomechanics of Security
For the People, By the People
For the People, By the People
Spiral Table, detail
Spiral Table
Broken Windows Theory
We All Go the Same Way Home
The Kitchen
Its Negative
Fourth Wall
Shipping Container
Moving Relief: Pacific
Good Sign
Real Estate: Black Monochrome
Street Photograph
details, Street Photograph
Strawberry Blonde
Rock, Paper, Scissors
detail, Rock, Paper, Scissors
Tent Photograph
Photograph of a Foreclosed House
Freeway Collapse
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