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Movement Voter Project Donation, 2023

All In for Democracy 2024 is an independently organized, volunteer campaign to support Movement Voter Project. Movement Voter PAC (MVP) helps donors invest in grassroots organizations in swing states and districts, to win elections and build progressive power for policies and governance that improves the lives of all Americans. MVP supports hundreds of local organizations in all the top 2024 states and districts - reaching tens of millions of voters, winning elections up and down ballot, and passing policy to build a Progressive Decade.

To make a donation directly by check, wire, or stock transfer, or learn about other ways to support MVP's work, please visit or email

Alternatively, for a pledge of $500 or more, you can select one of the below artworks and pay me via Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle, and I will donate 75% of your pledge to Movement Voter Project.


I was asked to co-chair this fundraising event on 5 November 2023 by my fellow Yale alumni, and thus the artworks I am donating below are photographs from the year or two around my graduation year before I stopped using cameras in my work.


I am also offering an 82 page full-color publication of the illustrated score I produced after making a participatory video project with students during pandemic isolation about the various idiosyncratic objects of contemporary political faith. Produced in response to a painting in the Wende Museum's collection, the video and publication are called: "Extra Credit." For more on that project, see here

Political donations are not tax deductible, but you can rest assured that 75% of funds directed to me for the below artworks will go to MVP.


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