Ice Videos

Over time, Karapetian transitioned from using stable materials like glass and resin to using ice to create her transparent "sculptural negatives." When working especially with the objects that have made people safe over the last decade, and in considering the precarity under which people actually accessed those objects, ice proved an apt metaphor. Further work with ice and security is available in Relief and clear objects that precede the ice but contend with security are available in Accessory to Protest. The issue of security is also dealt with in Security Studies. Karapetian began working with ice as a material for an installation at the Orange County Museum of Art shown under The Built Environment, and explored the nature of the material with the series, Slips & Pushes

COVID-19, 2020
The Gesture of Safe & Sanitary (ICE: pillow) - 30 second excerpt of 76:37 
The Gesture of Safe & Sanitary (ICE: bar of soap) - trailer
Moving Negative: Relief