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COVID-19 efforts

Your donations are tax-deductible contributions to the The San Diego Collaborative Arts Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. 100% of donations go to materials for ventilator production.

Emergency Ventilators

Colab, the maker space wing of SDCAP (San Diego Collaborative Arts Project) is working on a project producing ApolloBVM emergency ventilators. Six of the AMBU Bag ventilators, designed by MIT and developed by Rice University, were flown from Carlsbad Jet Center, which has generously donated their airfield, by CalDART (Disaster Airlift Response Team) to CalOES (California Governor's Office of Emergency Services) in Sacramento. SDCAP will assemble the second batch over the next two weeks at USD, to be delivered through FEMA, to the City of San Diego, Mayor's Office of International Affairs that supports the City of Tijuana General Hospital. Further units will go to the Navajo Nation. Each ventilator costs $500 in materials. We have to raise $12,000 to fulfill our commitments to these people at these important and vulnerable sites.

Student Safetynet

Karapetian created to help students who have lost financial resources due to the sudden closure of well, everything, as COVID-19 remains unchecked and as testing remains widely unavailable. ​Help them find agency in this mess by buying what they've got to give, most of which is artwork. It's good, anyway. Everyone is referred by a professor and is totally awesome.

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