Relief, 2015-16

As the artist saw documentary images of overseas migration begin to flood media in 2015, she also spoke with individuals in Havana planning to cross to Florida, and began a process of researching her own family's immigration to the United States. The photograms that result from this input archive safety implements such as life vests, life boats, and circle buoys, but also the verbs of motion that result from darkroom performance with water, ice, metal obstacles, and competing light sources.

Further images available upon request and video available here on site.

Selected Photograms from the series

Irere II (McQueen 2003)
Sun Over Sand
Lateral Climb
Call Her Craft
Selected Installation elements of the series
Moving Relief: Pacific
Moving Relief: Pacific

2016, 16:20, the ice cast of life vest was filmed in various oceans melting in the tide